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Swim Lessons Schedule

Session 7 Schedule is out now! Registration is available 6am October 20th.


Parent & Child Swim Lessons

These lessons introduce infants and toddlers to the aquatic environment.  Encouraging parents to set developmentally appropriate expectations for infants and toddlers enrolled in swim lessons.  Introducing and emphasizing basic water safety to parents and providing a positive family aquatic experience.

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Preschool Swim Lessons

These lessons increase student's comfort with underwater exploration and introduces basic self-rescue skills performed with assistance.  Students will explore the aquatic environment, develop basic skills to propel and glide through the water, and learn basic safety practices.

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School-Aged Swim Lessons

These lessons start with water safety and basic swimming competency.  Kids progress to learn about the four competitive swimming strokes.  Once completed, they will have the opportunity to expand their swimming skills with our Pathways program.

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Dolphin Swim Team

The Dolphin Swim Team is a competitive swim team that offers all swimmers of varying abilities the opportunity to swim and learn.  We strive to provide a fun and safe learning environment along with an emphasis on skill development.  The Dolphin Swim Team focuses on fundamentals, mechanics and sportsmanship by using our core value of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

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Special Swim Programs

Click here to view more information about some of our added swim programs such as Synchronized Swimming and our Adult Swim Club. 

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Private/Semi-Private Swim Lessons

In Need of a Swim Whisperer? We’re Angelfish Certified!!  Our YMCA swim instructors have comprehensive adaptive swim program training from Swim Angelfish.

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