Reservation Trouble Shooting


Having trouble reserving a lap lane or registering for a class? We are happy to help!

Enabling Cookies on Web Browsers

Google Chrome

Step 1: Click this link for directions on how to enable 3rd Party Cookies.

Still receiving an error message? You’ll need to enable pop-ups.

Step 1: To trigger a pop-up, you’ll need to recreate the pop-up. To do so, click the links and click “Sign-Up” for a class or lap swim option.

Step 2: Click where it is highlighted, and say “enable pop ups”

** No restart necessary after this change

Enabling Cookies on a Mac or iOS Device

Step 1:  Open Settings

Step 2:  Click on Safari on the left hand side

Step 3: Scroll down to Privacy and Security on the right hand side and un-check “prevent cross-site tracking” and “block all cookies”

Step 4: Please restart the computer/device for settings to take effect.

Additional Information:

  • One email per person when making a reservation.  Currently, you will not be able to use one email for two people in a reservation.  If you share your email mail with another person, one person can make a reservation via the reservation site, while the other can call the front desk to make their reservation for the class. 
  • As for the wrong password, click on ‘Forgot password’ link on the screen where you login to reserve your space in the class.  Front desk staff will not have the ability to change any person’s password.
  • Errors when reserving are very frequently caused by incorrect cookie settings– even if the message does not explicitly state that the error is related to cookies. To enable cookies on Google Chrome, navigate to the three dots in the top right corner of the screen, then click ‘Settings’. From here, go to ‘Cookies and other site data’ and ensure that cookies are allowed.
  • For Safari, navigate to the settings app, then to ‘Safari’, and make sure that ‘Block all cookies’ and ‘Prevent cross-site tracking’ are both toggled off.
  • There was a recent update to Chrome that has impacted many users to where it messes up their cookie settings. Even if Allow All Cookies is enabled, the Enable Cookies message may still appear. Our engineers and developers are aware of this and are researching to find the best possible solution. In the meantime, there are a couple of alternative solutions that you and your members can use to bypass the Enable Cookies message:
    • After clicking Sign Up, in the URL bar of the browser, there is a little pop-ups blocked icon near the far right. Click it, check the option to Always Allow, then click Done. Now when they click Sign Up, it will open on a new tab. The cookies message will be gone and they can reserve like normal. 
    •  Another option is to right-click on Sign Up, and open it either in a new tab or a new window. Just like in the previous method, the Sign Up box will be in the entire tab/window, the cookies message will be gone, and they can reserve like normal. If they are on a phone then they can click three-dots in top right corner > Settings > Site Settings > Pop-Ups and Redirects > adjust slider to allow pop-ups and redirects.


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