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Change is hard!  To give you the best chance on developing behaviors and skills to improve your health, you will first sit down with a Health Coach and use various techniques to develop your health vision and picture the person you want to be.  Next you will develop goals and strategies to overcome barriers and build support networks.  At the end of the first session, you will also review the basics and safety of exercise and learn how to use some of the equipment and weights in the fitness center to get you started, so make sure you are dressed for action!  From there, and at follow up appointments, you will assess your progress, set new goals, develop strategies to overcome obstacles and more.  Here are some possibilities: Information for those who are new to exercise, Strength (Resistance) Training, Cardiovascular Training, Group Exercise (land and water), Nutrition, Professional Support, Equipment and Program Orientations or something else, based on your needs.


All YMCA staff go through training to ensure that we LISTEN FIRST, so that we get to know you.  Health and Wellness staff are trained and committed to helping you meet your goals to improve your health.


Anyone who wants to Lose weight,  Improve their health and well-being, Find friends and support, Anyone wanting to take a basic health screening, Find out which group exercise classes would best meet their interests and learn how to get started, Learn how to use the different weight systems or cardio machines, Set health and well-being goals and have support along the way and HAVE FUN!

  • At the initial appointment, you and your Health Coach will develop your vision and goals, and teach you some basic tips to start exercising, so you can hit the ground running!
  • At your second appointment, you will assess your progress, learn how to build support and overcome obstacles, continue learning and build a plan right for you.
  • During your 3rd session, with new confidence and knowledge, you will make changes that last by looking forward to the next 3-6 months and strengthen your new tools and strategies

Sign up at the Front Desk or contact Joanna Collins, Health and Wellness Director.


With personal training with Lars or Jessica, you will get a customized fitness program designed just for you and your health goals in any area you want to improve. This helps maximize work out time, learn correct form and technique, and relieve boredom by incorporating a variety of exercises!

With our nutrition coach, Al,  will help you develop and progress toward your personal nutrition and wellness goals by empowering you to take responsibility for your own health. Our nutrition coaching sessions are more than just a meal plan, but working together progressively to sustain life-long healthy habits. Our nutrition coaching focuses on learning how to eat protein from the RIGHT sources, how to incorporate a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, quality carbohydrates, and healthy fats for your activity level and body type, and how to adjust your intake as your plateau. Each week, Al will help you stay accountable, provide you support and motivation, and provide weekly education to learn more about nutrition and your body. With a holistic approach to health and wellness, Al will show you how to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

PERSONAL TRAINING YMCA Member 1 Hour Session Rates:

Single Session–$50

4 Session Package– $180

8 Session Package–$320

12 Session Package–$420

PERSONAL TRAINING Non-Member 1 Hour Session Rates

Single Session–$55

4 Session Package–$200

8 Session Package–$360

12 Session Package–$480

PERSONAL TRAINING Member/Non Member ½ Hour Session Rates

Single Session–$30/$35

4 Session Package–$100/140

8 Session Package–$200/280

12 Session Package–$300/420


4 Session Package–$150

8 Session Package– $225

12 Session Package–$300


4 Combo Sessions Package–$200

8 Combo Sessions Package–$400

12 Combo Sessions Package–$550

Jessica Faber

Jessica Faber

Personal Trainer

Jessica grew up in Baker City, OR, graduating in 1999.  She obtained her Bachelors of Science at BYU-Idaho where she played tennis for 2 years and developed her passion for weight lifting and all things fitness. As her family grew, she enjoyed various types of fitness to stay healthy, some of her favorites included CrossFit and boot camp style workouts.

Jessica moved to the Brainerd Lakes Area 4 years ago with her husband, Nolan, and 4 children to be closer to their extended family. She loves motivating people to make changes for healthier living. She has been teaching fitness classes for the last 3 years.

She obtained her Personal Training Certification through NETA and also recently accepted a Group Training Specialist position. She is looking forward to working with clients one on one and training small groups to provide clients with more personalized results.

Sean Garry

Sean Garry

Personal Trainer

One quick fun fact about me is that my full first name is Sean-Tom, but I didn’t know that until 7th grade! You’ll have to ask how my family came up with that when we meet. I have played pretty much every sport either recreationally or competitively, love being in the wilderness, really enjoy meeting new people.

I am a certified strength and conditioning coach as well as a CrossFit trainer. I love the way that our bodies were designed and how they can overcome amazing adaptations. In an effort to improve not only physical health but also improved lifestyle, my goal is to help other people understand that this is true of themselves as well. My favorite part of this career is when someone realizes something about their body that allows them to move faster, pain free, or more efficiently.

I graduated with a degree in engineering from NDSU, but after a few years working in the field and doing a lot of CrossFit, I really developed a passion for movement as well as people. After completing my masters degree in kinesiology from the University of Mary, I completed my transition from the engineering industry to the health and wellness industry. During the transition and since then I have coached CrossFit athletes, personal training clients, and performance athletes for sports like hockey, football, soccer, and volleyball. They all have their fun unique twist to help that person reach their goal!

Lars Ronnevik

Lars Ronnevik

Personal Trainer & ACE Health Coach

Lars grew up in Fergus Falls, MN, graduating in 2010. He attended Jamestown College and played football for 1 year. He then attended North Dakota State University and studied there until his wife was offered a job in Brainerd.

Since moving to Brainerd 4 years ago, he has lost the 45 pounds he put on after playing collegiate football. In losing that weight he fell in love with exercise and decided to get his Personal Training Certification (NETA). He is also a Certified Health Coach (ACE), Lifestyle Coach, and Certified TRX Instructor.

Lars has three children with his wife, Molly. Some of Lars’ hobbies include reading, weight lifting, playing basketball, and spending time with his family.

Al Gawboy

Al Gawboy

Nutrition Coach

Al grew up in Menomonie, WI and later attended the University of Wisconsin Stout for her undergraduate degree in Dietetics. She later moved to Nashville, TN to continue her education and received a graduate degree in Exercise and Nutritional Sciences. Throughout her schooling, Al competed in 3 bodybuilding competitions, ran half-marathons, taught group fitness classes, and danced competitively with the Tennessee Titans cheerleaders.

Al has worked in many small and large gym facilities across the United States developing and managing nutrition departments to help clients reach their goals. Al loves fostering personal relationships with her clients, whether they’re fueling up for their next triathlon, trying to lose weight, or just trying to feel like their healthiest self.

In addition to nutrition counseling, Al works as a Community Health Educator for Essentia Health, working with youth suicide prevention in the community and continues to compete in NANBF bodybuilding competitions

Certified program provider with Minnesota Afterschool Advance




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